PT Kaf Pratama Indonesia.

PT. KAF PRATAMA INDONESIA was founded in 2001. At first the owner Mr. Abdel Kadir Mekhloufi was interested in jewelry and Diamond, he was interested in how to take the Jewelry and Diamond to high quality with competitive cost and reached the international standard, after that he start a new branch of the Agarwood and Gaharu (oud wood). In 2003 PT. KAF PRATAMA INDONESIA started to export the Agarwood and Gaharu all around the world. In August 2007, our company started to export and import many goods and materials, such as Coffee beans, Spices, furniture, heavy machines, automotive, and also Agarwood.

What we do?

PT. KAF PRATAMA INDONESIA specialty is selling Jewelry, Diamond, Agarwood, and Gaharu. Our company also export and import Coffee beans, spices, Heavy machines, and Automotive. We serve a high-quality material and good with a competitive cost and reached the international standard. We are trusted since then and we are working very hard to make our company more better and trusted.

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